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The Book That is Changing Men and Their Relationships

         Understanding"Why"              Men Cannot Connect

                           Read the book that uncovers the truth regarding why men find it so difficult                                                                                  to nurture and grow in their relationships 


Dr. Eddie Capparucci Ph.D., LPC, C-CSAS unlocks the reasons why men, especially those who deal with addictive behaviors, struggle to identify and express their emotions while also seeking to shut down the emotions of others. 
Dr. Capparucci looks at the critical stages of early childhood development that result in the development of healthy emotional individuals. He also outlines how these men did not receive the nurturing and guidance required during these critical times. This in turn, resulted in the development of a low emotional IQ that impedes a man's ability to bond emotionally.

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How Men Struggle

This book is for men who:

- struggle to connect

- find it difficult to feel

- find life to be boring

- deal with depressed moods and anxiety

- turn to addictive behaviors to feel something


Why Men Struggle to Love not only explains why this happens to men but, more importantly, how to correct it.

This book is also for women who are frustrated with their relationships or have been betrayed. They cannot understand why their mates struggle to engage in conversation, know little about emotional intimacy, do not like to socialize, and show affection only when sex is involved. It provides critical insights to help you better understand WHY your man struggles to:
- emotionally engage
- be empathic
- engage with others and prefers to isolate
- be curious about family members
- control anger and/or mood swings
- make or keep friends
- manage impulsive behavior
- have interests
- to be content
- to be emotionally intimate

- with addictive behaviors


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The Blind Spots

"Why Men Struggle to Love" outlines the 14 Relational Blind Spots that prevent men from emotionally bonding. These Blind Spots are the result of limited nurturing during critical stages in a man's childhood development.  result in men who struggle to love. These include:
- inwardly focused
- lacks mindfulness
- struggles to connect
- lack of curiosity
- fearfulness
- low emotional IQ
- lack of contentment
- avoids emotional pain
- hide and lie syndrome
- limited interests/passions
- hypersensitive
- mood/medical disorders
- compulsive/impulsive
- struggle to connect with God

What Influencers are Saying

“Why Men Struggle is a book that closes a gaping hole in many men’s recovery journeys: blind spots that prevent relational bonding and intimacy. I was freshly convicted myself reading this book, realizing some areas in my own life that need further growth and maturing. For men who want to go beyond the elementary (yet good) stages of recovery and wade into the deep, refreshing waters of real freedom, joy, and truly healthy relationships, Why Men Struggle is the book that can lead you there."

Jonathan Daugherty, Founder of Be Broken Ministries


“With his new book, “Why Men Struggle to Love,” Eddie Capparucci delineates the numerous reasons men struggle to love (and to express the love they do feel). His examination of 14 relational blind spots and how to overcome them, utilizing both inner-child work and reparenting, is 100% on target. This book is a must-read for men who struggle with intimacy and their partners. It is a powerful experience to watch Eddie work with clients; today, you hold some of his wisdom in your hands.”

Robert Weiss Ph.D., author of Out of the Doghouse and Prodependence: The End of Codependency


“Why Men Struggle to Love: Overcoming Relational Blind Spots is the relational guidebook that teaches men how to repair and reparenting themselves. Eddie Capparucci is a master at helping men see, perhaps for the first time, why they have had so much difficulty in their lives and how important it is to learn how to use self-compassion at any age. His brilliant writing style makes you feel that you are in his therapy office as he opens the door to self-discovery and motivation. This book teaches men not only how to give self-love but to own that they have deserved it all along!”

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW, CSAT, CCPS-S, PCC, EMDR, author of Help. Her. Heal.

“I am recommending this book to clinicians, clergy, those who are struggling, and those affected by the struggle like a spouse or parent. Eddie’s insights into the relational challenges faced by addicts and our overarching need for love to be healthy are presented with compelling anecdotes, strong science-based facts, an understanding of the spiritual component of healing, and practical antidotes that can be incorporated immediately into the recovery journey. If you have ever recognized that “being sober” is not enough as the addict, the caregiver, or the affected party, then this book will be a great resource to you.”

Jim O’Day CLC, SPARC, Executive Director, Integrity Restored


“As Eddie demonstrates in this book, the larger problem for men with sexual addictions is an underlying relationship disorder. Eddie taps into this reality in Why Men Struggle by uncovering 14 different blind spots that can hinder a man’s ability to form healthy relationships, even after sobriety, and how to overcome them. This book fills a gap in recovery content, particularly for men in the second stage of transformation. This book is an excellent resource for men, but also counselors, support group facilitators, mentors, and sponsors.”

John Fort, Director of Training, Be Broken Ministries

Available Exclusively on Amazon

Available in the following formats:
Kindle Edition

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School LIbrary

Dr. Eddie Capparucci

Dr. Eddie Capparucci is a licensed professional counselor and certified coach. He also is certified in the treatment of Problematic Sexual Behaviors and is the creator of the Inner Child Model for the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction. Among his many clients, Dr. Capparucci has worked with professional athletes including NFL and MLB players and television personalities.

He serves as the clinical director for the National Decency Coalition, an organization working with state governments to help limit the access of pornography to minors.

He is the administrator of the websites and He also has written for the blogs Covenant Eyes, KingdomWorks, XXXChurch, and Over the years, he has spoken to numerous organizations regarding the harmful impact pornography has on individuals, relationships, and society.

He is the host of a monthly webcast entitled: Getting to the Other Side.

Dr. Capparucci is also the author of

Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction

Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break Free of Shame and Feel God’s Love.

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